Get paid faster and more efficiently with automations.

Accelerate the order-to-cash process, automate the billing and payment process across multiple systems, and create alerts for preempted churn risk and variance in financial data. Close up the gaps in your business processes and get money in timely and efficiently.

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  • Multi-channel revenue management
    Multi-channel revenue management
    When you have multiple channels for payment and use multiple systems for them, it is hard to keep track of the various payment sources. Streamline your workflows so all your records flow into one single place for simpler accounting and reporting.
  • Order-to-cash
    Once the sale is made, the order needs to be processed by your accounting department. Workato takes care of this “order-to-cash” process from your POS or CRM to your Financial system.
  • Preemptive churn risk and upsell
    Preemptive churn risk and upsell
    Pre-built integrations are oftentimes insufficient in supporting your team’s specific needs. Use Workato recipes in tandem with the existing pre-built integrations for a comprehensive bi-directional sync between customer support and engineering teams so you can minimize app-hopping and maximize productivity.
  • Alerts on variance in finance data
    Alerts on variance in finance data
    With Workato, you can set up integration recipes that keep a lookout on your data and alerts you when your metrics deviate from the expected range, or historical data.
  • Payment notifications
    Payment notifications
    Automatically receive payment notifications in Slack so your team knows when a customer has paid, when their charged has failed, or when they have cancelled their subscription.
Ryan Hart
Director of Marketing
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“It took Workato 6 weeks to do what the competitor couldn’t in 9 months. We were handling about 10,000 invoices and needed to sync up about 2000 clients in the beginning as part of the integration. Workato simply yields results.”